Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS)


Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports is an organized, data driven system of interventions and strategies that address school-wide and individualized behavior planning by using research and data based information to create and maintain best practice strategies.

PBIS helps us by increasing our capacity to understand and effectively respond to problematic behaviors and helps us develop a structure for reducing frequent minor behavior issues by fostering a positive and preventative path. PBIS positively influences our school cultures through nurturing of a unified, systematic approach and philosophy for working with children.

Our Goal

To encourage respectful, responsible and safe behavior by all of our staff, students, and families with the use of positive behavioral expectations, interventions and supports.

How We Do It

Barret's four expectations are show respect, make good decisions, solve problems, and be kind and brave.  These expectations are reinforced daily in a variety of ways. Students will receive an abundance of verbal praise, high fives or some other form of praise. In addition, students may earn tickets, points, or stickers for demonstrating these standards or any of their other school wide expectations at BarrettAs well as reinforcing positive behaviors, we also employ a positive and restorative approach to discipline. When a consequence is given, it is also used as a teaching opportunity. The consequences are reasonable and related to the problem behavior.  We not only want to teach these behaviors, we want to model them ourselves.

PBIS is not just another program that we use. It is who we are and what we do!

Parent Contribution

Parents can support their child and the school by creating an environment that supports these four standards. Please talk to your child about their school behavior expectations. We value your partnership with parents teaching and reinforcing the school-wide expectations.