Principal’s Message

Principal Mary Alice CallahanBarrett Principal
Ms. Mary Alice Callahan

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Barrett’s mission is to build a community of learners that are motivated, successful and challenged. We believe respect is the foundation upon which our school is built. We recognize and accept individual differences and promote personal potential in all. Celebrating a collaborative climate and supporting a safe school environment for all provides the positive atmosphere that is pervasive on our campus.

Our teaching team is a group of dedicated, hard working, educators. They believe in being life-long learners themselves. The staff works in partnership with their colleagues to enrich their delivery of standards-based instruction through various forms of professional development. Many of our staff engage in dialoging at weekly lunch book clubs and monthly after school discussions on topics surrounding Reading and Writing. All staff members are trained in the area of implementation of academic instruction for English Language Learners. The staff participates in weekly collaborative meetings as well as attend various district staff development sessions.

Our Home, School and Community Club work tirelessly to support Barrett. They plan our fundraising events that enable them to bring quality assemblies, funds for field trips, supplies and a multitude of other things to our campus. We are grateful for the hours of volunteer work time that they provide for our students. They are truly an amazing group of dedicated individuals that enhance the programs and activities here at Barrett.

As the instructional leader here at Barrett I am dedicated to providing an environment that supports students, teachers and parents as partners in the educational process. I welcome all community members to become involved in educating the young minds here at Barrett. Together we can make a difference.