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Our HSCC provides all students, Kinder – 6th grade, an amazing art program, “Meet the Masters”.  The featured artists are:

  • Marc Chagall ***2014-15 school year
  • Paul Klee ***2014-15 school year
  • Mary Cassatt
  • M.C. Escher
  • Winslow Homer
  • Piet Mondrian
  • Claude Monet
  • Pablo Picasso
  • Vincent Van Gogh

The Meet the Masters experience begins with a multi-media assembly using Powerpoint slides, artist voices, and music where the students learn about the fascinating lives and famous works of the Master Artists. Back in the classroom, they will work on a follow-up packet which reinforces the material, and further prepares them for success in the final step – the art project. After learning the inspiration and techniques of each Master the students are ready for the real fun.  Parent volunteers lead the students on a step-by-step journey through the art project.  Often in the same medium, style or subject matter as the Master, the students will discover their creativity while developing confidence in their own unique abilities. Each step of the lesson from the assembly to the project itself is divided into three or four age appropriate levels. The older students get a more in depth lesson on the Master Artist and create a more detailed project.

This program depends on parent volunteers to teach the project in the classroom. An art background is not necessary because all lesson plans are scripted, illustrated, and timed. It’s tons of fun and super easy to teach the projects. Please contact Kelley Barnes at if you are interested in volunteering or have any questions. I promise it will be lots of fun!

Thank you for supporting Art at Barrett!

Kelley Barnes

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