Barrett Elementary School is focused on meeting the needs of each learner within our diverse community. Each school provides enrichment programs, activities, clubs, and extended learning in the classroom. After school programs also provide opportunities for students to stretch their knowledge and learning beyond the school day.

All students in grade three are assessed for GATE (Gifted and Talented) identification. Students who qualify are served through the regular education classroom and are academically challenged through differentiated instructional strategies. Teachers use a variety of information to determine how instruction will be differentiated to meet a student’s needs such as ability level, interest, and learning style.

Common Core curriculum and instruction allows all students to be challenged, not just GATE students, and a wide range of opportunities exist for all students to become self-motivated to challenge themselves.

Each elementary school site has an enrichment coordinator to assist and guide the enrichment program and third-grade GATE assessment. Please contact your school’s principal for more information.